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The Man Who Knew Nothing (EP)

Mystery (EP)

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Euphoria (single)

I Wanna Stay Alive (single)

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Mind Kraft (instrumental EP)

This Is Me (instrumental)

Isolation (instrumental)

Jason Bradford - J4SIN


Jason Bradford, also known as J4SIN, is an artist with a passion for producing, writing, and creating. J4SIN has been surrounded by music since his childhood but it was during his teenage years in Nashville, the city of music, that J4SIN discovered a love for writing music and recording.

After a family move to Charleston, SC he joined a band and played his first live show at the iconic Music Farm. He later returned to Nashville to earn a degree in Audio Production and Music Business from Belmont University. After graduation, J4SIN helped establish Playground Recording Studio in Nashville and founded the first all-digital record label, Tone Box Records.

J4SIN's writing and producing have been recognized with a RIAA gold record and by various television and streaming shows, resulting in over 60 placements of his music on multiple series and more than 300 episodes. His works have been used on popular shows such as The Biggest Loser, Shark Tank, Queer Eye For The Straight Guy, Apprentice, Dancing With The Stars, and a title placement for the NBC reality series, Escape Routes.

With a focus on his first solo rock album, J4SIN is set to release Euphoria in late 2023. The album's lead single, also titled "Euphoria”, is out now.

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