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Jason Bradford, also known as J4SIN, is an artist that boasts a diverse background in producing, writing, and creating. J4SIN has been surrounded by music since his childhood but it was during his teenage years in Nashville, the city of music, that J4SIN discovered a love for writing music and recording.

Book A Private - House Show With J4SIN

What's a house show? 

A house show is a private concert held in your home, backyard or a nearby space that you have access to. Typically shows will be for you and your friends (from 20 people to 100+.)

What do you have to do?

You provide the space and invite your friends, neighbors and family (or none of those if you don't like them).

This is where your friends help cover the cost. I recommend the host to ask for a donation from each person attending ($25+ donation for the evening).  Think of this as a private dinner party with live entertainment.

House shows vary in price; based on location/travel planning and expected amount of friends to attend.

What to expect from me?

I'll show up on time! I'm flexible and understand that many in our generation (Gen X) love the matinee show.  I'm happy to play an afternoon or early evening show so you're in bed by 10.  Or we can plan to party late.

These are one-man acoustic shows.  The time frame is between 60-90 mins.  I play mostly original music but I do have a few covers that will bring the nostalgia home.

I'll have a few items to sell (CDs, Vinyl, Shirts) - no requirements to buy anything.

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