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Starting Sept 2023

Embark on a weekly journey of inspiration, connection, and creativity with the Playlist Connection. It's more than a newsletter; it's a celebration of the artistic spirit that unites us.  Together, we'll explore the many aspects of the creative life, including:

  • Mental Health
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  • Encouragement
  • Connecting
  • And more...

The Playlist Connection is your invitation to LIVE creativity, not just read about it. Become part of a community that celebrates the beauty, weirdness, and boundless creativity of life. It's free, it's weekly, and it's designed for creative souls like you.

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J4SIN is a musician and creative soul based in Nashville. With a passion for the beauty and weirdness of life, J4SIN has crafted The Playlist Connection as a space for fellow creatives to explore. It's more than a newsletter; it's a weekly exploration that celebrates the emotional narratives that unite artists, writers, musicians, and dreamers alike.