Creative Prompt: Who Are You? A Self Portrait

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We are all on a journey to understand ourselves, a journey that can lead to both joy and challenges. But before we can truly embrace others, we must first embrace ourselves. We must accept who we are and understand why we are, even though it’s not always easy. That’s why this week’s creative prompt is about exploring a self-portrait.

This exploration might take different forms:

  • Artists: Paint or draw a visual self-portrait that reflects significant phases or personal growth.
  • Musicians: Write the song of your life, choosing instruments and lyrics that tell your story.
  • Writers: Imagine your life as a library, and write the books you want on the shelves.
  • Thinkers or Philosophers: Think through symbols and imagery that have inspired you to keep going.
  • Those of us with Alternative Cognitive Patterns: Visualize your ideas as a constellation, mapping out your life journey.

This is a moment for you to be vulnerable, open, dark, or joyful. Be you. If you want to look into areas of hurt, sadness, or loneliness, this is your chance. There’s no judgment here. The sun will come up, even if things seem a little dark.

You can share what you create if you’d like, or you can keep it for yourself. Either way, know that you’re in a community of support, and this exercise is for you to explore who you are.

Take some time this week to look inward and create a self-portrait of yourself. It might reveal something surprising, healing, or beautiful about who you are. Whatever your creative expression is, be kind to yourself with this exploration and remember to be you.

Is there one thing you feel comfortable sharing that might encourage others as they go through this process? Is this an easy process?

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