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Creative Spark: Curiosity in the Arts

By Jason | November 8, 2023 |

As creatives, we’re on a perpetual quest for the muse, the spark which awakens our imagination and propels our projects.…

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procrastination - creative - adhd

Procrastination, ADHD & The Creative Mind

By Jason | November 7, 2023 |

Procrastination is a familiar challenge in the creative process, and for those of us with ADHD, it presents a significant…

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ADHD Brain - Hyper-focus

Hyper-Focus Hijinks: Creative Detours

By Jason | October 14, 2023 |

Is ADHD a Struggle or a Superpower? Hi friends, It’s been a few weeks since I’ve posted and then realized…

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gilded poppy

Talent Tease: Denise C. / The Gilded Poppy

By Jason | September 25, 2023 |

Hello, friends! This week, I’m excited to introduce you to Denise C., an incredibly talented artist I met on TikTok.…

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Between Melodies and Mindfulness: A Non-Traditional Path to Creative Success

By Jason | September 25, 2023 |

When it comes to a career in music or any creative endeavor, the conventional measure of success often revolves around…

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Weird Sounds Better - J4SIN

Embracing the Quirks: Celebrating Individuality

By Jason | September 19, 2023 |

We all have that one quirky neighbor, cousin, or friend who always seems to be diving into the most unusual…

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Talent Tease: J. Dewveall

By Jason | September 10, 2023 |

Each week, I plan to carve out a section dedicated to showcasing creatives. Think of it as a cozy, intimate…

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finding Joy - self reflection- j4sin

Flashback: Finding Joy in Memories

By Jason | September 7, 2023 |

I want to take you on a journey to a cherished moment from the past. It’s a trip to our…

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portrait, self reflection, self portrait

Creative Prompt: Who Are You? A Self Portrait

By Jason | September 7, 2023 |

We are all on a journey to understand ourselves, a journey that can lead to both joy and challenges. But…

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The Creative Contradiction

The Creative Contradiction: The Dual Nature of Being an Artist

By Jason | September 6, 2023 |

The life of an artist is filled with contradiction. On one hand, creativity brings joy, happiness, pleasure, satisfaction, purpose, and…

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Welcome to The Playlist Connection

By Jason | September 5, 2023 |

Hey friends, We did it! Launching the Playlist Connection newsletter felt like a whirlwind, but we’ve arrived, and it’s all…

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