Between Melodies and Mindfulness: A Non-Traditional Path to Creative Success


When it comes to a career in music or any creative endeavor, the conventional measure of success often revolves around fame, followers/fans or money. Contrary to this popular belief, I find myself in a different position. I don’t want fame. I couldn’t handle it, and I’m 100% certain about that. I’ve grown multiple online communities, and each time they begin to expand, the focus shifts towards me—something I find deeply uncomfortable. So, I pull back and isolate. But then, what propels me to keep creating?

I have a supportive family and have been married to my bestie for over 30 years. Yet, I experience a profound sense of loneliness, a solitude that takes me on introspective journeys that are complex and at times, unsettling. However, I’ve come to understand that this solitude is not an isolated experience. Many creative individuals struggle with the same emotional labyrinth, either connecting too deeply or too superficially, often pushing people away or as the kids say “ghosting”.

This brings me to the concept of “making it big.” Don’t get me wrong, financial success is appealing, but my desire is far more nuanced. I want to make people smile, laugh, and feel a sense of joy, even when I find it difficult to evoke these emotions within myself. My goal isn’t wealth or followers, but to carve a sustainable living through my creativity; Music, Art, Writing, Dreaming (whatever else pops up in a few minutes).

If your goal is to grow a fanbase, stardom, celebrity status –
please know that I‘m behind you and support you!
Some folks were cut out for the fame/fans and wealth game –
I totally get that and I’m not shaming you for chasing your dreams.
(please don’t be an asshole on your way up though) 🙂

Go for it!

The challenge becomes more stressful when you factor in mental complexities like anxiety and depression. The business aspects, particularly asking for financial support, become mental shutdown tasks, ridden with guilt and apprehension. For me, this dilemma is further amplified by my entrepreneurial spirit, which keeps me bouncing from one idea to the next. I don’t abandon these projects; they sit in a perpetual state of “in-progress,” waiting for their moment to shine. It’s not always a healthy approach, but it’s how my brain navigates the creative space. If you deal with ADHD or a similar ‘brain-uniqueness’, you likely understand the paradox of being endlessly intrigued yet seldom fulfilled.

My goal is simple: to live authentically and create freely while maintaining financial stability. I seek daily for the ability to express my creativity without the societal benchmarks of fame or financial grandeur. I want to return to the elemental joys of making music—bringing happiness to others and hopefully, rediscovering it within myself.

I’m curious:

  • How do you define success in your creative journey?
  • How do you balance the emotional and financial aspects of your creative life?
  • Do you also find yourself in a perpetual state of ‘works in progress’?

Keep Creating!


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