Procrastination, ADHD & The Creative Mind

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Procrastination is a familiar challenge in the creative process, and for those of us with ADHD, it presents a significant barrier to productivity. Insights from a recent Fast Company article reveal that this struggle often stems from four unmet needs: the drive for immediate action, the desire to have influence, the pursuit of the “best way,” and the need to impose order on chaos.

Tackling the need for immediate action, creatives with ADHD can benefit from breaking down larger projects into smaller tasks, which aligns with our inclination for quick wins and aids in maintaining momentum.

When it comes to the desire to have influence, we might hesitate, concerned whether our work will resonate. Embracing this need, we learn the power of feedback and the strength found in collaborative efforts, which can fuel our motivation and enhance our impact.

Addressing the pursuit of the “best way” requires simplifying our decision-making. By choosing one starting point, we sidestep the paralysis that can come from perfectionism and keep the creative gears moving.

Lastly, the need to impose order on chaos is crucial. Establishing a structured plan, we can manage the rush of ideas without getting swamped, laying out a clear roadmap for our creative journey.

For those of us navigating the creative and ADHD spectrums, these insights are not just theoretical. They are practical steps toward a more disciplined yet still imaginative work ethic.

Do you grapple with these unmet needs? How do you steer through procrastination in your creative endeavors? I’d love to hear your strategies.

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